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5 Wellbeing Apps that’ll change the way you work

5 Wellbeing Apps that’ll change the way you work

Tuesday, 09 November 2021

Over the past few years, employers have started to recognise the importance of making workplace wellness and employee wellbeing a high priority. Although 83% of workers in the UK describe their mental wellbeing as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Recent statistics indicate that approximately 602,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related stress, depression and/or anxiety.  


As an employer, prioritising the mental wellbeing of your employees is crucial. Luckily, as these issues have risen across the entrepreneurial community, so too have solutions. Innovative new apps make it easier than ever to support your staff in their mental and physical wellbeing.  


Here are 5 wellbeing apps you should try out.  Afterall, a happy team is a productive team. 


1. Meditation Studio 


Enjoy free guided meditations with Meditation Studio. We all now know that wellness is not simply eating healthily or exercising frequently. In fact, the best place to start when discussing our overall wellness is our mental health 


I was once a meditation cynic, but now I meditate for 20 minutes daily. It clears my mind and allows me to focus on individual tasks with enhanced precision. Meditation is proven to decrease anxiety and improve concentration. However, for those just starting out, meditation can feel difficult or even silly.  


Queue Meditation Studio, an app full of guided meditation sessions of varying lengths, with different intentions. Perfect for a beginner looking for meditation essentials or an expert looking to deepen their practice.   


2. Charlie HR 


An HR platform with heart. This HR software really does do it all. Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets, mixed-up holiday breaks or jumbled onboarding. Charlie HR puts it all in one place.  


This is HR without any training. Charlie has a section for contracts, a shared visible calendar showing all holiday being taken from all members of the team, an area to ask for time off, and a section to add training to onboard new staff. You can even add a ‘team tree’ which is great for new starters in the hybrid world, as everyone is in one place. 


Give your team the experience they deserve, and help each and every person feel valued in an environment where they can thrive. Charlie also provides:  


  • Performance reviews: empower your people to grow 
  • Perks and benefits: let team members choose the right perks for them 
  • Engagement surveys: give every person a voice in their company 
  • Custom onboarding: let your culture shine through, right from day one 
  • Company handbook: codify your ways of working and make them accessible 
  • Expert advice: safeguard your culture, whatever comes your way 


It is essential to create an environment where your employees and colleagues feel heard, where they can talk with confidence about both personal and professional matters. Charlie HR encourages a culture of openness, which will not only improve your company’s productivity, but also the wellbeing of your employees.  


3. Sprout 

Leading on from Charlie, we have Sprout. A health and wellbeing technology that empowers organisations to embrace wellbeing and improve the happiness of every user.  


Sprout uses data science to measure and reward the healthy behaviour of your employees. By gamifying health, with rewards and incentives, the necessity of health becomes less serious and more whimsical - it becomes fun!  


4. Lyra Health 


Lyra is an app that focuses on the importance of mental health, recognising the signs of anxiety, depression and even burn out. This app connects its users with healthcare professionals and moves at a pace that is comfortable for them. You can choose to meet someone to talk in person, talk online, or even just read or watch an educational piece that could help you understand the way you are thinking or feeling.  


 5. Mapmyfitness 


Map your fitness with Mapmyfitness, an app designed to challenge and track your physical health. With the ability to add step quotas for yourself with daily reminders, you can even link this app to your shoes. Partnered with Under Armour you can now track everything through your shoes: stride, pace and cadence. 


Mapymyfitness provides coaching based on what is within your means. Whether you are a beginner at Yoga or Pilates, running or swimming, Mapmyfitness works with you by tracking your activity and helps you to build achievable exercise goals.  


Physical health is inextricably linked to our mental health: when we exercise, we release endorphins which improve our mood. Knowing this does not necessarily make exercise any more appealing, especially in the cold winter months. Mapmyfitness encourages you to exercise by showing you your achievements and gently reminding you when, and how, to meet your fitness goals. 


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