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everywomanEntrepreneur Series: Retail Entrepreneur Panel

everywomanEntrepreneur Series: Retail Entrepreneur Panel

Wednesday, 26 August 2020


Child's Farm, Cheeky Chompers, Colourblind Cards and Creative Nature: if you’re a parent (and more than likely even if you’re not), you’ll no doubt recognise these household names, some of which, though conceived less than a decade ago, are already firm, award-winning customer favourites, adorning the shelves of the UK’s biggest high street and online stores. In this insightful discussion all four brands’ founders, Joanna Jensen, Julie Wilson, Deborah Ajaja and Julianne Ponan, joined the everywoman team for some serious shop talk.


You can now listen to the webinar recording to hear these inspiring female entrepreneurs talk frankly about how they and their businesses have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, how they’ve adapted – physically, emotionally and logistically – to the seismic shifts of the last few months, and their predictions for the future of retail.  


Discussion topics included:


  • Be inspired by the real-life experiences of our award-winning retail entrepreneurs
  • Discover new coping mechanisms for dealing with unprecedented challenges
  • Hear how these entrepreneurs continue to explore new revenue streams – and how you can discover your own opportunities to fast track your business to profit
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs in your shoes as they too navigate these uncertain times
  • Put your own burning questions to our panel  – if you’re facing a specific challenge or are ‘stuck’ on a problem, this is a fantastic opportunity to have your dilemma analysed by our leading retail superwomen


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