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Podcast: Getting rid of Imposter Syndrome with Clare Josa

Podcast: Getting rid of Imposter Syndrome with Clare Josa

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

It’s hard to achieve your full potential if you’re constantly worrying that ‘they’ might find out you’re not good enough, don’t know as much as you should or that you got to where you are by accident. If this sounds familiar then you are in the grip of ‘imposter syndrome’, an internal limit that keeps both men and women from achieving all they can – and want to.

Author Clare Josa is the UK’s leading expert on imposter syndrome and conducted a landmark research study in 2019 that shows how widespread imposter syndrome is and how it is potentially costing UK businesses billions. We talk to her about her new book Ditching Imposter Syndrome, which is designed to give you a clear five-step plan to get rid of this limitation, allowing you to dream bigger and understand yourself in an expanded way.


SPECIAL DOWNLOAD - everywoman listeners can download a free version of Clare’s ‘emergency fix’ technique at http://www.clarejosa.com/everywoman/


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