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Anna Lee, Founder of Storm Watches: Do your research, know your competitors

Anna Lee, Founder of Storm Watches: Do your research, know your competitors

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

In 1989 Anna Lee co-founded the watch brand STORM in offices above a pizza takeaway in

London - an entrance that turned the ‘traditional’ watch market on its head. Aside from being the first UK company to sell watches as an accessory, STORM has now become one of a few true British fashion watch brands on the market today where all the new models are still designed in the London Head office. It is distributed in over 45 countries worldwide in hundreds of stockists with over 30 standalone STORM stores.  


Today the brand has evolved to include watches, jewellery, bags, wallets, opticals, sunglasses and fragrances. Her core achievement is, Anna tells us, is retaining brand integrity in a competitive market for nearly 30 years whilst many have failed or lost their way.  Anna has been able to juggle her impressive career as well as being a working mum with four children.


Anna’s Top Tips


  • It’s important to know your industry well, do your research, know your competitors  and play on your strengths
  • When negotiating don’t hold back no need to be afraid to ask for what you want, even if it feels like you are punching too high - if you don’t ask you simply don’t get!
  • It’s ok to make mistakes, as those will be the best lessons you learn - one bad chapter doesn’t mean that it’s all over, in fact it only serves to makes you stronger.


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