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Helen Lord, Founder of Used Kitchen Exchange: Safeguard your ideas

Helen Lord, Founder of Used Kitchen Exchange: Safeguard your ideas

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Winning a NatWest Everywoman Award in 2016, Helen has brought the spotlight onto sustainability and ethical thinking within the  kitchen industry. Beginning with the search for an affordable kitchen, this 52 year old mother of 2 founded Used Kitchen Exchange as a Sole Trader, incorporating in 2016. The company is now recognised as a Market Disruptor; re-educating a linear industry and helping to complete a circular economy.


“As a market disruptor there wasn’t a blue print for the business I envisaged, this gave me a blank sheet of paper to work from; scary but exciting at the same time! Networking gave me a clear understanding of the way my industry works, which was essential not only to gain knowledge, but also to help understand the needs of stakeholders and be able to speak their ‘language’. Once I understood this it was much easier to design a meaningful and effective marketing strategy. Understanding my  business’s WHY has been pivotal to its success.”


Helen’s Top Tips


  • You cannot be an expert in everything. Know what you are best at and seek help or advice for the rest.
  • Safeguard your business; not just your property and products, but your ideas! NDA’s are as important as other types of insurance.
  • Learn from any mistakes. Reviewing these as a ‘lessons learnt’ it a vital part of business improvement


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