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Helena Hills, Co-Founder of TrueStart Coffee: There is no substitute for hard work

Helena Hills, Co-Founder of TrueStart Coffee: There is no substitute for hard work

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

Helena and her husband Simon are the Co-Founders of multi award winning Bristol brand, TrueStart Coffee. They started TrueStart to prove that you can take the path less travelled and build an awesome brand that makes people feel wild for life, without compromising on ethics. TrueStart is one of the fastest growing young drinks brands in the UK and after just two years, their vibrant, healthy, hyper-sustainable approach to coffee can now be found all over the world, with a focus on their new range of phenomenal flavoured Cold Brew Coffees.


“I believe accessible role models are so important to ignite ambition, and it feels great to be able to pay it forward and share what I've learnt with others. It's especially important that women are involved with lifting up and championing other women, because self belief and esteem is critical to building the resilience you need as an entrepreneur.”


“Since starting out I've been amazed and so grateful for how much others have been prepared to help, whether it's with advice or their own connections. It's surprising that often all you need to do is reach out to people, because often they do remember that they too were starting out once upon a time!”


Helena’s Top Tips


  • There is no substitute for hard work, getting stuff done is what separates real entrepreneurs from those who just say they are entrepreneurs. Don't wait until everything is perfect, because it's unlikely to happen.
  • Surround yourself with people who truly believe in you as a person. Know who your real support network are and make time for them.
  • Don't tie your happiness to external achievements. I've learnt that my mind is always onto the next thing by the time I've achieved something that I set out to, so I could easily be miserable if I tied my happiness or sense of fulfilment to achieving my next goal.


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